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The Fountain Pen Network - I spend a lot of time here chatting via the forums with the thousands of other fountain pen collectors and enthusiasts.

Richard Binder -  Richard is a noted authority on fountain pens and he is a world class craftsman who custom grinds pen nibs. His pen collection is nothing short of amazing! His website provides the most complete information on fountain pens, their history and construction of any site on the web today. Once at this site, click on "Richard's Collection" and all the links under it on the left to learn all about the wonderful world of fountain pens!

Glenn's Pen Page - I love this website. Glenn  put together a great website that not only covers pens but also a great review of inks to use with your fountain pens.

Penspotters  - This is a great site for general and specific information about the world of fountain  pens including an in depth look at the history of pens from the quill to today's modern pens, pen construction, pen glossary, tips and information, old advertising samples and even a "pen geek quiz" to see if you are a pen geek (I passed!). This site is a must see for anyone wanting to know more about fountain pens. - Another fantastic site for just about anything you need to know about the wonderful world of pens! not only contains hundreds of pen related weblinks, but is a photo-illustrated on-line resource of information about vintage and modern writing instruments.

John Mottishaw - John Mottishaw is another master craftsman of pens and customization and also offers superb pens - both new and used on his website. John is one of the great nibmeisters and he also sells Nakaya Pens which I love. Someday I'm going to get a Decapod and when I do - it will be from John!

Pentiques - Pentiques is a professional vintage fountain pen repair and restoration service center.  They also offer a fine selection of vintage and high end contemporary writing instruments and are one of a select few full time fountain pen service centers still around. Their service and quality is great. I trust my most difficult vintage pen restorations to them.

Edison Pen Company - Brian Gray started this great company making custom pens in many styles, materials, colors and filling systems. Brian is not only a great craftsman but a great nibmeister as well - he will custom grind the nib on any of his pens to your exacting standards. Edison Pen makes some of the finest pens in the industry.

The Goulet Pen Company - The Goulet Pen Company is a unique company and they really cater to fountain pen enthusiasts with great customer service. They are also one of the best places to purchase fountain pen ink and even samples of ink (so you don't have to buy an entire bottle and find out you don't like the color!). They really have put a lot of work into helping you chose the right color from their website.

Fountain Pen Hospital - One of my favorite online pen stores. Great selection, great price and outstanding customer service!

Chatterley Pens & Pen Time - Is the site of Bryant Greer - a great pen collector who buys and sells wonderful fountain pens. Bry has a sterling reputation amongst fountain pen users and collectors and fantastic customer service. When I want a great pen and great service I can rely on Bryant!

Pendemonium is a great source for all sorts of pen collectibles, parts, repair supplies and tools, inks, books, pens, custom nib grinding and more!  is the great site of famed artist Gary Blehm and is the home of the Penmen comic strip that ran in syndication for 5 years with Creators Syndicate. Penmen publishes in the fountain pen enthusiast Pen World magazine . Be sure to visit this site soon!

Vintage Pens Website: David Nishimura’s selection of superb vintage pens for sale, and lots of reference information

Bradford Ink: Great vintage pens, antiques, beautiful store with many great items! Here you will find a huge selection of very reasonably priced pens from the Orient. But don't be fooled by the prices - Chinese technology has come along way and many of these pens will write circles around their European counterparts!

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